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December 7, 2012
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                               Japan x Reader!

"Oh man! Look how freakin huge you've gotten _(Y/N)_!! You’re almost the size of a whale!"

America exclaimed rubbing his hands allover your huge stomach. You were 9 months pregnant and any day now you and the love of your life Honda, Kiku will be having your very own bundle of joy!

"You bloody git don't speak to a lady like that! I'm sorry _(Y/N)_ for America's rudeness". England slapped America hard on the back of his head.

"Vee~ _(Y/N)_ I am so excited for the babies arrival! Can I be the Tio? Oh please!" Italy begged. You giggled

"Of course Italy! And German I would trust not only Japan to keep out child out of trouble~"

Ludwig saluted "I'll do my best _(Y/N)_",

You giggled. Italy, Germany, America, England, and You were at the home of yours and Kiku's. After you told Kiku you were pregnant he wouldn't let you out of his sight. And when he was gone for work he either had Germany, Italy watch over you. America just happened to come along. As well as England he was excited about the whole baby situation.

"Is it a Girl or a Boy bella?" Feli asked excitedly.

"Kiku and I wanted to keep it a surprise",

It was a chilly day outside you snuggled closer into the blankets the countries gave you. They were always so nice to you, caring for you as if you were family or a country yourself.

You sighed happily until a gust of wind came from the front door that was now open. Kiku stepped in tired but soon smiled lightly at the sight of you wrapped up so cutely in the blankets.

"Herro _(Y/N)_ are you feering okay?"
Kiku at next to you resting his hand on top of your bulging tummy. You giggled giving him a peck on the cheek causing him to blush at the public affection.

@@@@@@ Time skip brought to you by a blushing Japan! @@@@@@@

Later on everyone left leaving you and Japan at home. You hopped into bed with your lover and began to fall asleep with Japan. Late in the night you where tossing and turning finally deciding you couldn't sleep you got up for a glass of water down stairs.
Suddenly you felt a sharp kick in your tummy causing you to grip at your shirt. After a few deep breaths you begin to feel very wet in your pants.

'Oh shit' You thought your eyes wide and your breathing heavy.

"KIKU!!!" You hollered slipping your feet into some slippers before you doubled over in pain. Kiku came running down the stairs in a panic seeing you moaning in pain he automatically came to your side.

"W-what happened _(Y/N)_!?" His eyes filled with worry and concern.


Kiku quickly got the hint surprisingly lifting you up into his arms and carrying you to the car. Japan drove to the hospital carrying you in screaming for assistance. The nurses took you into a wheelchair and took you to the place where they deliver children. (I have no idea what the hell that place is called sorry XD)

Meanwhile, Japan has called Germany, and Italy. The two rushing over as fast as they could Felicio looked as if he was going to spit rainbows of happiness and Germany seemed to be a nervous reck. But not as bad as Japan, He worried so much on how _(Y/N)_ was doing.

'Is she pushing hard enough? Is the baby aright??' Millions of questions where flying around in his head.

The nurse called for him into the room where you where into labor. _(Y/N)_ called for him and squeezed his hand when she started to push. Her screaming was the only thing that was heard and the voice of the female doctor.

_(Y/N)_ kept pushing as hard as she can. Her little heart seemed as if it was going to give out. But _(Y/N)_ was a strong girl. The doctor signaled for one more push from _(Y/N)_ and so she did. She pushed with all her might! Her desire to get her and Kiku's baby into the world.

Soon enough there was a baby's scream. But not one...Oh but two.

"It's a boy! And a girl!" The nursed cried with joy.

Kiku was overwhelmed with happiness and so was our tuckered out _(Y/N)_. Just for a moment she wanted to close her eyes and rest for the hard work. But an icky feeling told her to still fight and keep strong. But she was too weak to hold on. The last thing she heard was the long beep of her heart monitor and Kiku's voice.

@@@@ 5 years later@@@@@@@@@

"Daddy?" A sweet five year old girl tugged on the dress shirt of Kiku. She had long black hair and _(your color eyes)_

"Yes, Kagami?"

"Are we visiting mommy again?"

Kiku nodded walking hand in hand with his daughter Kagami, and his son Haku. Haku turned to his twin sister his short _(your hair color)_ glistening in the sun like _(Y/N)_ used to do.

The three stood under the cherry tree in front of a grave, Kagami placed a white lily on the grave and so did Haku. Praying for their mother’s return.
Kiku shed a tear wishing _(Y/N) _ could see how beautiful her children turned out to be. Little did he know that even though _(Y/N) _ wasn't there she watched over them and loved the three with all of her un-beating heart.

This took so long to f write. It was kinda hard sense I really wasn't exprienced on Japan's whole thing with him.

Sorry if he is so OCC and this was a gift for :iconannamayzee: it was for her birthday!
Sorry if it's late and so short I tried my best >_<

So thanks for reading I do not own you, or Hetalia, and comments are greatly appreciated!
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